Ngasaba obuyambi
The fundraiser aims to raise some money to buy school uniforms for about 50 children attending school in the poor suburbs of Kasese municipality in Uganda. Most of these children are orphans .

Hi folks,


I am Mr Costa Masereka, a resident of Kasese municipality, an urban area in western Uganda with a population of over 100,000 dwellers. I am a social worker and have been working with the community for several years trying to improve the situations of individuals that have been hit hard by poverty. The organization for which i work is called FAIR EARTH FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN WELLNESS (FEFO)


Currently, we are running a preparatory school that is admitting children that have been neglected and left behind either through the deaths of parents or chronic poverty in their families. The children have nobody to turn and have been left at the mercy of God. The school has about 100 children ages 4 to 10.


Most of these children lack even the basics of life such as clothes and shoes. As you can see from the photos, they kids are so needy.


My campaign is to ask some compassionate individuals out there to help out with enough funds to purchase uniforms for about 100 children.


The breakdown of the costs would go as follows;


-1 trouser and shirt for a male pupil is € 7.00 (five Euros)

-1 uniform dress for a female pupil is also € 7.00. So for the 100 pupils, we are asking support of €700. Any other support in excess of this would be appreciated.

For lunch for a whole term, these children just need about €450.

If the requested total is not reached, there would still be some use for whatever will have been collect eg, children could get the opportunity to buy books even with just about €50 OR have an opportunity to take porridge at the school with just €100 for a whole term.

It would be great folks hearing from any one out there OR just pass this message to a friend who may be able to help.




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